About Me

I started taking pictures as a child with my small point and shoot camera that I got as a birthday gift. I was always fascinated with light and how it could be so different in the same day. Something about capturing a moment in time really appealed to me. I don't even know what it was that attracted me to photography initially. I now have different purposes and motivation for taking pictures, one of them being my son. I want to remember everything about his childhood, his little toes, his expressive hands, his beautiful, joyous smile. So innocent. So pure. I love storytelling through photographs. I want my viewers to feel like they are right there when they look at my photos. My goal is to capture real people in their real lives. I strive to capture the details of ordinary life that at the time might seem insignificant but are integral to the story. My favorite shoots are the ones where I am a fly on the wall, a quiet observer left to capture the moments as they pass.

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